FSC certificatcated Our wooden are from the FSC-certified sustainable forest farms. The forest is managed that means the wood is derived from the secondary forest or the cultivated forest planted by man, not destroying the original forest. The FSC farms are committed to becoming a green enterprise for sustainable environment.

Log materialAfter harvesting, the logs are sent to the processing factory to cut the branches off initial, only the main trunks are retained. The trunks are stacked outdoors or indoors with good air circulation firstly, then placed in a manual drying room to reduce the moisture. Dry-treated wood is not easily deformed during processing.

Heat treatment (HT)At present, the export of processed wood in accordance with international regulations must be subject to quarantine treatment. According to the documents promulgated by IPPC, the wood is placed in a special heat treatment room by means of high temperature heating, and the temperature is heated to above 56 degrees for 30 minutes. This eliminates the pests and diseases that may be hidden in the wood, and the whole process can be completed in about 2 hours.
The logs are processed into wooden products processed by painting or dyeing which are classified in furniture. These wooden products are non-quarantine items in Taiwan, and the export of wooden finished products does not require quarantine smoke treatment or heat treatment.


About Ash

[Chinese name] 美國白臘樹
[English name] Ash
[Scientific name] Fraxinus Americana
[Janka Hardness] 1320 lbf
[Wood specific gravity] about 0.55
Ash is mainly grown in the north of United States and Canada, the northern hemisphere temperate climate. It is classified in hardwood grade. After dyeing and special coating treatment, the surface is still transparent in its original color. It is widely used as home decoration in Europe and America.


The texture of Ash is hard with elasticity, beautiful color, and nice texture. Its color of the sapwood is between the yellow and the white, the heartwood is brown. The texture is straight and simple with a slight luster. The circle capillary holes follow the apparent growth rings and burl appear regularly. The transparent paint coated on the surface can highlight its water-like ripple.

About Beech

[Chinese name] 歐洲山毛櫸
[English name] European beech
[scientific name] Fagus sylvativa
[Family] Fagaceae
[Janka Hardness] 1300 lbf
[Wood specific gravity] about 0.56~0.67
European Beech is a kind of deciduous trees, very high. Its hard bark is taupe with rough wrinkles and small protrusions, slightly thin. European Beech has high density and solid with good resistance of compression or deformation. It is suitable for making tough furniture and small delicate necessities.


The texture of Beech is straight and even, and some textures are staggered. Its sapwood and heartwood are clearly distinguished. The sapwood is white-brown, and the heartwood has a reddish-brown color. The grain color is soft. The biggest features is the diameter section shows tabby texture with light spots. Its growth rings is not obvious that giving a calm feeling.