We, Best Friend Enterprise Co., Ltd. founded in 1998, is committed to research and development of packaging materials and applications, such as EVA Foam and PE foam. In order to provide good products and service to all various fields, and to comply all kinds of demands - high quality, high-efficiency, high-precision and economic factors, we keep improving our manufacturing process and upgrading our facilities all the time. At the same time we launch our own brand "Hazel" to innovate and diversify evolution.

Our foam products are all complied with all kinds of European and American inspection standards. Such as: 
1. The limits requirement of the first category of RoHS.
2. 18 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon tests meet the limits of GS PAHs Class 1 set by German Product Safety Commission (AfPS).
3. the inspection of REACH 205 Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC).

Our wooden products are from the forest farms certified by FSC. This is our responsibility for the society and the sustainable development concept for the environment.

Foam products

Collision protection, soft foam pad, multi-layer electronic-heating lamination, laser engraving trademark on surface, customizable.
  1. EVA / PE / PU foam sheet or roll.
  2. EVA and PE Foam tray via CNC forming for well packing and protecting tools / auto repairing equipment / precision products.
  3. 3 function in 1 foldable pad patented with good ventilation for lying, kneeling, or sitting when you are doing various work.
  4. Flexible mat for standing decompression.
  5. Ergonomic ultra-light slippers.
  6. Clever combinable mat & wall-sticker .

Wooden products

Fine, concise, and timeless for handed down from generation to generation well. Using mortise & tenon method with CNC engineering. FSC certificated eco-friendly to the environment.
  1. Wooden Trolley series.
  2. Wooden box for tools, products, or souvenirs collection.
  3. Wooden home furniture series.

Laser engraving and cutting

Laser engraving:
Metal, wood, acrylic, EVA, EPE, PE, paper, glass, mineral.

Laser cutting:
Wood, Acrylic, EVA, EPE, PE, PU, Paper