Best Friend Enterprise Co., Ltd.

1.EVA / PE /PU Foaming board.
2.EVA and PE Foam tray via CNC engineering for packing & protecting products well.
3.Patented products - 3 function in 1 foldable pad that can be changed the 4.height or length for lying, kneeling, or sitting when you are doing various work.
5.Standing-decompression Flexible Mat
6.Ergonomic ultra-light slippers.
7.Clever combinable mat & wall-sticker.
8.Real wooden collection box for tools, product & souvenirs via CNC method.
9.Real wooden home furnishings via CNC method.
10.Real wooden trolley system via CNC method.
11.Laser Engraving : metal, wood, acrylic, EVA, EPE, PE, paper, plastic, ore.
12.Laser Cutting : wood, acrylic, EVA, EPE, PE, paper.