Product details

Model No. YOGA-0001

Product Name
 Yoga Roller

Ingredients Cover-EVA, PE / Tube-ABS

Product Colour


Lightweight design

3D massage texture, balanced at all angles, deep texture make exercises well and feel good !

New border technology

ABS hollow tube, high strength, not easy to deform.
One whole injection molding.  Smooth and tidy border.

EVA safe material

It has resin properties, good flexibility, rubber-like elasticity, and good chemical stability.

Easy to clean

It not only can be watered directly to prevent the growth of odorous bacteria, but also can be used immediately after drying. 

Multiple Uses


Relax anytime & anywhere

Relax your muscles and soothe your tired body by using it for a simple massage.

Exercise main muscles

Improve the stretch and elasticity of muscle.
Release the tension of myofascial.