EXPE Foaming Board

Product details
Ingredient :
  1. Low Density Polyethylene.
  2. Polyethylene vinyl acetate tables EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymer).
  3. Foaming agents.
Characters :
  1. Multi-layer heating-pasted without any glue solvent, up to 70mm thick.
  2. Soft and high rebound characters to be the best anti-collision protection material.

25° EXPE Foam

Foaming type:Mix chemically cross-linked
Foaming ratio:20±3%
Thickness:3~70 mm
Sheet Size:W1200 mm x L2300 mm
Roll Size:W1200 mm x L100 M
Hardness: 25°±5°
Application:Bottom layer
Advantage: Various optional colors