PE Foaming Borad

Product details
Polyethylene (PE)
Ingredient :
  1. Low Density Polyethylene.
  2. Foaming agents.
Characters :
  1. PE (Polyethylene) is a kind of neutral and eco-friendly packing material, especially for metal. It contains no acid or alkaline that night NOT get metal tools rusty. That is to say if the tools packaged in PE material are rusty, that is not caused by the PE FOAM.
  2. Pure PE is one kind of green neutral eco-friendly material. It is widely applied to packing electronic devices, precision instruments, and medical goods.
  3. PE FOAM is light and has excellent chemical resistance and solvent resistance, such as toluene, scouring oil, pine fragrance, leaning solvent, machine oil, WD40 etc.

40° PE Foam

Foaming type:Electronically cross-linked
Foaming ratio:10±3%
Thickness:2~4 mm
Sheet Size:W1200 mm x L2300 mm
Roll Size:W1200 mm x L100 M
Hardness: 40°±5°
Application:Upper layer
Advantage:Flat surface, fine foaming bubble, and high density.
( Neutral materials for metal packing )


25° PE Foam

Foaming type:chemically cross-linked
Foaming ratio:20±3%
Thickness:3~70 mm
Sheet Size:W1200 mm x L2300 mm
Roll Size:W1200 mm x L100 M
Application:Bottom layer
Advantage:Variety of colors optional, thermoelectric heating integrated without any glue, cheap.
( Neutral materials for metal packing )