PAT. VR Foaming Board

Product details
Ingredient :
  1. Low Density Polyethylene.
  2. Foaming agents.
  3. Softener.
Characters :
  1. The raw material is 6 times expansion ratio of PE polyethylene.
  2. It has excellent recovery character. Softener was added during the manufacturing process, so it can recover its original state well after being folded.
  3. The color is mainly divided into light gray and dark gray. The logo / mark / words on the surface is not only embossed after laser engraving, but also can not be removed by solvents.
  4. The hardness of VR surface is up to 50 ° that means more scratch-resistant than EVA (35°).

pAt. 50° VR Foam

Foaming type:Electronically cross-linked
Foaming ratio:6±3%
Thickness:1 mm
Sheet Size:W1200 mm x L2300 mm
Roll Size:W1200 mm x L100 M
Application:Upper layer
Advantage:Well curved endurance, soft elastic.
(Neutral materials for metal packing)