Product details

Model No. : WALL-0001~0005

Product Name : 3D Safe Combinable Wall-sticker

Ingredients : Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

Product Colour :


Characterstic :


Easy cutting

You can cut the wall-sticker straightly or creatively along the seams.

Wide double-sided tape

Each sticker has 3 double-sided tapes which has excellent adhesion.

Easy to install

Convenient to construct, quickly to beautify the wall surface.

Safety crashproof

High-density foam layer with 13mm thick to prevent collision, to create a safe and protective environment.

Easy to clean

PEV film on the surface, high waterproof.
Anti-mild foamming technology, easy to clean.

Good rebound

Super elastic, suitable for decorating the wall.
Durable and not deformed.

Sound & heat insulation

Using integrated heat-pressing technology, good heat insulation, and effective noise reducing.