Product details

Model No. : WALL-0001~0005

Product Name : 3D Safe Combinable Wall-sticker

Ingredients : Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

Product Colour :


Characterstic :


Easy cutting

You can cut the wall-sticker straightly or creatively along the seams.

Wide double-sided tape

Each sticker has 3 double-sided tapes which has excellent adhesion.

Easy to install

Convenient to construct, quickly to beautify the wall surface.

Safety crashproof

High-density foam layer with 13mm thick to prevent collision, to create a safe and protective environment.

Easy to clean

PEV film on the surface, high waterproof.
Anti-mild foamming technology, easy to clean.

Good rebound

Super elastic, suitable for decorating the wall.
Durable and not deformed.

Sound & heat insulation

Using integrated heat-pressing technology, good heat insulation, and effective noise reducing.

SGS inspection pass

  1. The current value requirements of the first category (materials or toys are placed in the mouth or contact with the skin more than 30 seconds, SAFE),
  2. REACH 197 screening of SVHC,
  3. European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) inspection standards.